Use a PROFESSIONAL: Ask Linda Pet Sitting Services is the difference between KNOWING your pet is cared for and HOPING your pet is cared for.

A Long Day for You Means a Long Day for Your Dog!

Whether your dog needs a mid-day potty break, a boredom break, or a little more exercise, we can help.

Great for helping puppies with crate training too!

Our skilled professionals will take your dog for a structured walk that includes age and fitness appropriate non-stop walking.

Yes, We Make House Calls!

When you travel, let your pets stay in the comfort of their own surroundings. We provide personalized, professional pet care in your home. Easier for you, healthier for them.

Complete care visits include normal pet ownership and home security tasks. I’ll make sure your pets enjoy your vacation as much as you do, because taking care of the emotional well- being of your pet is just as important as the physical needs.

Here’s Your Chance to Truly Be Your Pet’s Best Friend!

Enroll In Pet First Aid, CPR, Safety and Wellness Classes. Certificate and non-certificate classes are available. In pet emergency situations, every minute counts.

• I conduct PetTech classes around the state.
• Group rates are available.
• Contact me for more information.

“Improving the quality of pets’ lives, one pet owner at a time”